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Concierge Medicine & Dental Care located in Austin, TX

ATX Wellness Co.
The First Call For All Your Healthcare Needs

ATX Wellness Co provides integrative medical and dental care to the residents in Austin, Texas. Dr Jasneet Riar and Dr Kirpal Toor’s team work collaboratively to provide holistic care on your time in one convenient location.  The Team is reinventing exceptional healthcare by providing a relaxing environment where your health goals are prioritized and your doctor spends time evaluating the root cause of your ailments. 

A membership at ATX Wellness Co. provides you a wide variety of professional services. The team assesses your health needs and curates a personalized in-house health plan. We recognize one size does not fit all, we also have a separate option to use your medical insurance. We accept 4 medical insurances and you can call us to learn more.

You will have timely access to dental and medical care that includes urgent care, sick visits, chronic disease management, telemedicine, house visits, coordinating care with specialists, weight care management tools, & aesthetic services like Botox®, dermal fillers, teeth whitening and dental care.

ATX Wellness Co. in partnership with the dental clinic helps patients prioritize their oral and overall health. All medical & dental appointments prioritize disease prevention and patient education. 

Call ATX Wellness Co. or schedule a visit online to explore the benefits of concierge care today.