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Concierge Medicine

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Concierge Medicine services in Austin, Tx

We believe in addressing the whole person, not just an isolated set of symptoms.

A concierge medicine membership makes it easy to access comprehensive preventive and primary care. At ATX Wellness Co. in Austin, Texas, Jasneet Riar, MD, offers memberships that goes beyond a primary care visit by including dental services, injectables for facial esthetics & pain, cutomized weight care management and more in one convenient location. 

Call ATX Wellness Co. or book an appointment online to review the benefits of concierge medicine today.

Concierge Medicine Q&A

What is concierge medicine?

Concierge medicine allows you to receive customized advanced adult care that promotes wellness by focusing on the fundamental underlying factors that influence every patient's experience of health and disease. Use traditional insurace or not, your health journey will be personalized to your needs. In addition to access to urgent visits, sick visits, chronic disease managment, our membership provides a personalized journey to optimize lifestyle, curating customized plans that could include telemedicine, medical-dental collaboration, access to preventive dentistry, emergency dentistry, cosmetic injectables and more, in one location. 

With telemedicine, you can contact Dr. Riar with any questions or concerns regarding your health by phone, email, or text message. You can even use telemedicine to replace in-person appointments with phone or video calls. 

Concierge medicine practices, like ATX Wellness Co., see fewer patients than most non-concierge practices. As a result, you won’t get lost in the crowd and are always a priority


What are the benefits of choosing concierge medicine?

Being a member of the membership plan at ATX Wellness Co. offers a variety of benefits that aren’t always available through conventional primary care clinics. Dr. Riar sets aside plenty of time for each concierge medicine appointment, so you’re always her priority. She collaborates with your dental team, specialists, provides customized weight care management, facial esthetics and more.

Other benefits of concierge medicine include a closer relationship with Dr. Riar, less time waiting for appointments, and easy access through text and email. 

Dr. Riar has extensive and diverse training, so you can trust her to support your healthcare journey. If you require care outside of her expertise, she can contact nearby specialists to assist with treatment and is available via phone if further collaboration is needed. 

What if I need assistance outside of normal office hours?

As a patient, you will have access to ATX Wellness Co 24/7. You can call or text or conduct a telemedicine if you have questions or concerns.

Call ATX Wellness Co. or schedule an appointment online to learn more about what concierge medicine at ATX Wellness Co. can do for you.